Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend I participated in Palo Alto's "To Life!" Jewish Art Festival. About 70 artists are juried into this annual art festival and exhibit. On display were my hand-painted silk tallit (prayer shawls), scarves, challah covers, some fun things like hand-painted silk hats and ties, and a few paintings.

Big thanks go to husband Dave and niece Rachelle for all their help.


Erika Nelson said...

What an inviting booth! What's the sign about that says "Make your own tallit"? Awww you and Rachelle looking lovely as usual!

Hillary Miller said...

People can arrange to come to the studio and paint with me. We discuss a design ahead of time, I draw it out, then they come and spend a day painting with me. I show them how, give them a practice area, then we go to town on their piece. I had two pictures next to the sign, one on the right is my other niece, Tracy, painting her tallit with me in my studio.