Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gesture Life Drawings

Gesture Life Drawings, Watercolor Crayons and Water on Bond Paper, 18 x 24This one is about a third of a page,

As is this one...A gesture drawing is very quick, and meant to capture the essence, especially the motion through space, of the subject. Three to five minutes were given for each of these poses. Gesture drawings are most often done as a warm up to a more lengthy study. Stay tuned for the longer pose!


Dewberry Fine Art said...

These really look good. Just a beautiful style. Oh and thanks for your comments on my blog. I so appreciate hearing what you think. Gobble gobble! :->

Erika Nelson said...

Oh the beauty of live drawing - I sure miss it I tell ya! And you make me miss it even more with these lovely pieces!

Carol Feldman said...

These are the sketches I was remembering the other day. Inspiring! "I love your ability to catch the gesture so eloquently."