Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hillary, Why Do You Have TWO Email Subscription Services?

I'm glad you asked! I started with Feedburner, but it seems some people aren't receiving my posts by email, after they've subscribed. So I thought I would compare it with Feedblitz. I'm asking anyone who is willing, to subscribe to both services for a week or two, and then comment back to me here or by email, letting me know if you are receiving all of my posts, and which service you prefer.

Remember, you can unsubscribe (not that you'd want to!) at any time from either or both services - look for it at the bottom of the email posts.

Many thanks to you all for helping me!

The picture here is an illustration done for the awesome Julie Leavitt's 50th Surprise Birthday Party.

Texas Julie, Watercolor, 12 x 9


Carol Feldman said...

OK, I signed up for both, but don't feel bad after I quit both, because I have your link on my blog and read it from there.

If they both end up being the same, for what it is worth, Feedburner was easier and faster to sign up with and it didnt take me away from your page but opened a pop window, so i didn't lose your site in the meantime.

I guess I didn't realize you were from Tx until I saw this post. I am originally from OK.

I'll let you know how the Feeds go.

Erika Nelson said...

Carol she's in Southern California. But I'm in Arkansas :)

I can almost hear Julie saying YAHOO!!! Great energy!

Hillary Miller said...

Right, Julie is in Texas, not me! Thanks for the info, Carol about feedburner. I hope to hear from you in another week or two to see if you have any other comments to add. Thanks so much for helping!

Erika Nelson said...


Hillary Miller said...

okay, I'll bite. what's the game?